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Ego State Therapy North America


Co-founded by Wendy Lemke & Maggie Phillips


Although Maggie passed away prior to ESTNA getting underway (and the publication of this website), she laid the groundwork through Ego State Therapy International (ESTI) as one of its founders. Maggie was one of the original founders of Ego State Therapy International.

Both she and Wendy trained others, working towards establishing the first certification program for Ego State Therapy available in North America based on Ego State Therapy International Standards.  Maggie and Wendy each have years of clinical experience with Ego State Therapy and clinical hypnosis, as well as educating other clinicians around the globe about their passion. 

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Ego State Therapy North America (ESTNA) & Certification


ESTNA is a community for mental health providers to promote the awareness and education of Ego State Therapy to the public and the mental health profession. Although ESTNA doesn't certify individuals directly (this is done by specific approved individual ESTI trainers), it provides the process and certification requirements established by Ego State Therapy International and no for those who wish to seek this substantial credential. Only those who have had approved EST training and/or met the certificate requirements will be listed on this page's online directory. This certification program is a dual certification based on the standards and requirements of Ego State Therapy International (ESTI).  When certified, you will be certified under the International Branch of ESTI, as well.


Currently, we are a community for the dissemination of information only, not a society, so there are no membership meetings or dues.  This is intended as an informational site only. Those approved for the standards of certification required by ESTNA/ESTI will be charged a certification fee by ESTI and by their North America approved ESTNA/ESTI trainer. The ESTNA certificate administrative fee will be assessed to aid in the management of this website.

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